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Storage Tanks

Pacific Engineering Pty Ltd specialises in designing and producing fabrication drawings of custom-made carbon steel, 304 or 316 stainless steel API storage tanks (API 620, API 650) for various industries.

AS 1692, API 620 and API 650 Storage Tanks
Design activities include shell, roof, bottom plate thickness calculations for internal, external pressure, wind and seismic loads, nozzle and reinforcement calculations, combined stress calculations, wind girders, compression rings, lifting lugs and anchorage designs.

Some storage tank projects we have completed include:
- 700,000L Heavy Fuel Oil Tank, 10200 I/dia x 10800 height, designed to API 650
- 330,000L Bulk Storage Tank for Bingara Gorge Water Treatment Plant - NSW, Stainless steel, 8500 I/dia x 6000 height, sewerage, designed to API 650
- Sulphuric Acid Tanks for Tugun Desalination Plant - QLD, Carbon steel, 4000 I/dia x 4800 height, 98% concentrated H2SO4, designed to API 620
- Balance Tank for SPX / Conquest Mining - Mt Carlton Project - WA, Stainless steel, 1800 I/dia x 3800 height, 20% Solution SIBX, designed to API 620
- Mixing Tank for SPX / Conquest Mining - Mt Carlton Project - WA, Stainless steel, 1500 I/dia x 1200 height, 20% Solution SIBX, designed to API 650


To request a quote and send files, please send an email to the email address provided below.

We, at Pacific Engineering, are committed to achieving a quality performance that enhances our reputation and organisational strength.


Pacific Engineering's quality management system has been certified to AS/NZS ISO 9001 for a scope including design, design verification, fabrication and inspection of pressure vessels, shell and tube heat exchangers, air coolers, pressure piping, atmospheric storage tanks, silos and steel structures.

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