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Design, design verification and registration

Pressure vessel and heat exchanger design, 3D modeling and drafting

Pacific Engineering Pty Ltd provides years of industry experience supporting the design, design verification and registration, re-rating, fitness-for-service evaluations, fabrication inspection in addition to supply of pressure equipment.
For design, design verification and certification, Pacific Engineering Pty Ltd uses 'AS1210+ Pressure Vessel Design Software', software exclusively designed for design and design verification of pressure vessels and shell and tube heat exchangers. 'AS1210+', designed and developed by Pacific Engineering Pty Ltd, runs under Windows 8 and performs design verification calculations of pressure vessels and heat exchangers in accordance with AS1210 and ASME including wind and seismic analysis to relevant Australian standards AS1170.2 & AS1170.4. The program supports to generate 3D models and quickly create pressure vessel drawings. Pressure Vessel Design software "AS1210+" is developed and owned by Pacific Engineering Pty Ltd.

We, at Pacific Engineering, have implemented a vision to become the highest quality and most customer-focused provider of pressure equipment.


Pressure vessel and heat exchanger design

Pacific Engineering Pty Ltd has an experienced team of design engineers to undertake designs of pressure vessels to AS1210 & ASME, shell and tube heat exchangers to TEMA, AS1210 & ASME, atmospheric storage tanks to API620, API650 & AS1692 and produce detail drawings based on codes and client specifications.

Pacific Engineering Pty Ltd provides design calculations and detail drawings for;

  • Shell and tube heat exchangers of any TEMA and ASME type
  • Storage tanks to AS1692, API620 and API650
  • Transportable vessels (AS1210, AS2809.1 to 6), flammable liquids (AS2809.2), compressed liquefied gases (AS2809.3), toxic and corrosive cargoes (AS2809.4), cryogenic vessels (AS2809.6)
  • High pressure vessels to AS1210 and ASME
  • Finned tube air coolers to ASME
  • Tubesheet thickness designs to TEMA and/or ASME
  • Wind loads to AS1170.2 - 2002, seismic design loads to AS 1170.4- 2007



Pressure vessel design verification / certification / registration

A pressure vessel design can only be verified by a person who is eligible to be a design verifier under the WHS Regulation.

We verify and register pressure vessel designs in any state or territory in Australia. Pressure equipment such as heat exchangers, finned tube air coolers, boilers, autoclaves, air receivers, condensers, tanks, gas bottles, pressure vessels within air conditioning units and other pressurised systems are subject to work health and safety (WHS) laws and statutory regulations in Australia.

Pacific Engineering Pty Ltd is a design verifying body complying with AS3920. Our quality management system complies with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 and has been certified by TUV for a scope including 'pressure vessel and heat exchanger design and design verification'.

We also provide design verification services for New Zealand. Our verifiers, registered in New Zealand, verify the design calculations/drawings and certify the pressure vessels for New Zealand use.




Pacific Engineering's quality management sytem has been certified by TUV-GERMANY for a scope including 'pressure vessel design, design verification and fabrication'

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